How can you mend a broken heart

I love this song by the Bee Gees. I hope I can make it to Barry Gibbs concert in Ireland next September 2013.

By the way, why do I love this song?

Well, it reminds me of:

  • first of all my father, he is the one who told me once: “if the Bee Gees were to make a concer in Mexico’s biggest stadium, it would be oversold in 5 minutes”, today I clearly believe it so! Thanks dad for introducing me to such wonderful music!
  • my friend Felipe Balderas, since in a party he was asking for listen to this song over and over again.
  • my friend Benjamin Firth, a big fan of Denzel Washington, which movie “The Book of Eli” features a cover of this song. We enjoyed that movie many times during my stay in Ireland. (next time Ben I will cook again pop corn, you just bring some drinks).