Taco Story

We present you a piece of our country. In this series of videos a group of friends and me visit a “Mexican Taqueria” or Taco Restaurant. Let me say that what you are about to see is what really is a 100% Mexican style establishment as it is.

This is the first video, here we will discuss about ‘Tacos de Pastor’ and also the typical array for tables goodies in mexican ‘taquerias’.

Next, Felipe shows us the look and guts of a Mexican ‘Taco de Suadero’. As you can see it is mostly a ‘tortilla’ with meat on top.

Now I present not only ‘tacos’ but also ‘huaraches’. This ‘huarache’ consists in a huge ‘tortilla’ filled with beans, covered with ‘salsa’, meat and cheese.

This is the last chapter in the Tacos Series. Here we present ‘agua de jamaica’.