Asian brides and grooms

Back in March Sofia and I were visiting Milan and in that time we saw an Asian Bride and Groom taking wedding pictures in front of Milan’s Cathedral. I couldn’t resist taking a video from that moment. Of course I didn’t want to be rude at that moment so the video is pretty short.

I really forgot about that video and time went by. Suddenly, last august we were visiting Rome and for our surprise we saw a lot of asian couples taking pictures and videos for their weddings./p>

It’s been two times of watching Asian brides & grooms taking their wedding pictures at iconic Italian places such as Milan’s Cathedral and the Roman Coliseum.

This is a second video in which I found another Asian couple walking towards the Roman Coliseum.

Now for the second part of the video we can see the couple in place and taking pictures.

If you ever get married, would you like to go to such an interesting historic place and take pictures in there dressed as bride & groom?