Venice train station

Are you planning your trip to Italy? You don’t have to tell us, we are sure that in your plans you included a stop to Venice, everyone does. Venice is such a magic city located north-west of Italy. The most common way to get there is by train and in this set of videos we don’t want to spoil all the adventure out of you but we want to show you how does it looks when you arrive to the city. We hope this gets your curiosity on the move.

Ok, so for our first video. This was taken just outside of the city shores. Our train stopped for a minute and I got the chance to shoot this scene.

Finally our train began to move again so here is this new shot of us arriving finally to Venice.

Now, for the ‘piece de resistance’ we have a great view of the city of Venice just outside the train station.

So, what are you waiting for? Italy is out there just waiting for you.

Have a nice day!