Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City

This is the Photosynth that started it all. It was on Sunday august 24, 2008 when my wife and I set our way to Bellas Artes Palace in Mexico City in order to take as many pictures as we could of it. That afternoon only we took around 262 pictures and created this Photosynth.

In fact, it wasn’t our very first Photosynth, but it was the first done in some professional way to say so. Thus, it began our passion for photographing huge objects and spaces in order to Photosynth them with great detail, taking hundreds of pictures and making our best effort to ensure a 100% sinthy score.

Well, about this master piece. Fine Arts Palace is Mexico City’s premier opera house. It is well known for it’s imported Italian Carrara white marble that covers all the exterior facade. It is home of some impressive Diego Rivera, Rufino Tamayo, David Alfaro Siqueiros and Jose Clemente Orozco’s murals. In the next Photosynth you can admire the building from the outside. Sorry, but we don’t have any own pictures from the inside.

This building was designed by Italian architect Adamo Boari and began it’s construction on 1904 during Porfirio Diaz’s rule over Mexico. You can find more extensive information here.