Moses by Michelangelo

Renaissance artist Michelangelo created this wonderful peace of art back in 1513 for Pope Julius II. For some disgusting reasons Michelangelo’s work ended up at church of ‘St. Pietro in Vincoli’ in Rome. This statue is so virtuous and powerful that legend says that Michelangelo himself on the moment of completion kicked ‘Moses’ on the knee and commanded him to rise and walk. Michelangelo considered himself such an artist that the only thing left to be taken out of a piece of stone by his hands was life itself. Please admire with us this piece of art worth contemplating.

We gave us the task to visit this place and we couldn’t leave without making a Photosynth of it. Remember that in a Photosynth you can Move the images in a sort of 3D fashion, also zoom it as long as you will for this pictures are taken in High Resolution so you might appreciate detail in this art.

Ciao amici!