Mexico City Drive

Not so many months ago, a couple of friends an me traveled along Mexico City always on the same street and in the same direction, always from north to south. I took my camera with us and filmed every step of the way.

Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City

This is the Photosynth that started it all. It was on Sunday august 24, 2008 when my wife and I set our way to Bellas Artes Palace in Mexico City in order to take as many pictures as we could of it. That afternoon only we took around 262 pictures and created this Photosynth.

Taco Story

We present you a piece of our country. In this series of videos a group of friends and me visit a “Mexican Taqueria” or Taco Restaurant. Let me say that what you are about to see is what really is a 100% Mexican style establishment as it is.

Colosseum Interior

Sofia worked all day organizing all our photo stock. While moving, cataloging, sorting and some times deleting photos she took some time to cook new photosynths. After a few hours after uploading the ‘Colosseum Interior Photosynth’ it gets to the front page of

Republic Square at Florence

This is a perfect tourist place to rest your feet after a long visiting journey in Florence. Republic Square is located near the town center just a few blocks away from the ‘Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore’. In this square you can have a cold beer or a hot cup of coffee or given…

Venice train station

Are you planning your trip to Italy? You don’t have to tell us, we are sure that in your plans you included a stop to Venice, everyone does. Venice is such a magic city located north-west of Italy. The most common way to get there is by train and in this set of videos we…

Florence Baptistery

Located at the heart of Florence this building helped Renaissance artist to practice perspective techniques on their paintings and now helped us to practice our photosynth techniques. You may not know it but this building is said to be one of the oldest (if not THE oldest) building in all Florence.

Moses by Michelangelo

Renaissance artist Michelangelo created this wonderful peace of art back in 1513 for Pope Julius II. For some disgusting reasons Michelangelo’s work ended up at church of ‘St. Pietro in Vincoli’ in Rome. This statue is so virtuous and powerful that legend says that Michelangelo himself on the moment of completion kicked ‘Moses’ on the…