Three ways to enjoy Android mobile apps on Windows Devices

Smart gadgets running on Windows 8 are very powerful, being able to run HD movies and the most graphic-heavy apps. However, despite being top-of-the-line machines that can run almost anything, Windows apps are very rare. Compared to the thousands of apps that can be found on Google Play Store, Windows apps only have a bunch that are pretty useful to install. This makes it a problem for Android users to make the jump and own a mighty Windows Phone.

Thankfully, there are programs available that allow Android mobile apps to be used on Windows PCs and Tablets. Best of all, it isn’t considered hacking and illegal since these programs are also being used by developers to test their games on different platforms. In addition, these programs are being allowed by Google since some can even be downloaded at the Play Store. As long as the games aren’t being distributed with profit by anyone, playing Android-based mobile apps on a different platform shouldn’t be a problem.

Anyway, without further ado, here are some of the best emulators of Android mobile apps for Windows-based gadgets.

Blue Stacks

Blue Stacks has got to be the best, user-friendly Android app emulator that can run mobile games and applications on Windows. It’s very easy to use and can simply be downloaded over at Google Play. Blue Stacks supports over 750,000 Android apps and even allows HD game play on Windows devices. To those who aren’t very tech-savvy when it comes to tinkering with game porting, Blue Stacks is the program for you.

Android SDK

Android SDK is the most popular emulator being used by mobile app developers to test programs instantly. In fact, the program is so accommodating that it can even install any sort of mobile apps on windows gadgets. The problem is, it can be a bit difficult to use for the tech-uninitiated. But to those who have some background in programming, Android SDK is a good app to fiddle with.

Live Android

Live Android is technically not an app but an operating system that can be installed on Windows devices. It will act as an added operating system to Windows that can run Android apps. Live Android is a good program to use if one wants to separate Android and Windows apps in one smartgadget.

Using any of the above programs can be easily installed on Windows without any problem. But apart from the aforementioned programs, perhaps mobile games can be further enjoyed if one will use a gaming controller. Kim, a blogger from Pocket Fruity , suggests that,

“For some games, your big, clumsy fingers may not be precise enough for touchscreen actions, and the grip of your fingertips is just not good enough to control the quick, nifty movements.”

This is why a separate controller is being recommended by the pros for a more fluid gaming experience. There are several good ones available in the market like iCade, Fling Joystick, and AppGun.

That’s it! Hopefully, with any of the suggested app emulators and game controllers, one can fully enjoy playing games on the more powerful Windows smartgadgets.