Little tips for Italian travel

We keep traveling around Italy showing you all kind of photos, videos and photosynths. By now I will share with you some tips to plan a backpack travel through the most important italian spots like: Venice, Milan, Pisa, Florence and Rome. It is not such a difficult task, after this tips the only thing that you will worry about will be not to fall asleep in a train.

Little tips for Italian travel


It is not a secret that the most economic places to stay at are hostels. If you are a real backpacker then you must know that sharing a hostel room is not as bad as it seems. If you are traveling with a baby you must get a private room just in case that your baby wakes up at night.

You can take a look at these two resources in order to find nice hostels all around Italy and Europe.

As a piece of advice, cheaper prices come when you share the most of that space, in exampe: if you share room and bathroom then the price is cheaper.

Little tips for Italian travel


Easiest and most comfortable way to travel is using trains. Cheapest trains along Italy are the ones called ‘Regionale’. Obviously these trains will stop at most towns between your destinations but that brings you the opportunity to visit a lot of places along the way. One important thing to take care of is that Reginal trains won’t announce every stop so you must pay attention or you will loose some time trying to return to your original destination. We can tell you from our experience because it happened to us. From Rome to Alessandria we missed our stop and ended up at Asti.

Other important thing to mention is that trains follow a predefined schedule. Don’t be surprised by delays from now and then (mostly on summer season). We recommend you to relax during your train journey, enjoy the view and set up a cell phone alarm at your specified arrival time.


I wish you luck in your multiple trips and you got the idea, pack to the back. If you carry a baby is better to get the minimum, and lots of dippers, but not too much cloths. We recomend to change it only if necessary. Carry around a small and practical stroller. We had find one really confortable, it’s name is sit and stroll and they sell it in amazon in the link below. It’s great in the multiple trains, and when you read the specs you would know why.

Little tips for Italian travel

Arrivederci amici!